Virtual Assistant Services

Perhaps you need a few tasks completed on a semi-regular basis,
but not enough to justify bringing on a permanent assistant, even part time.

Even if you could justify bringing in a new hire, who would train them?
Who would handle the payroll?
Where would they even sit?
You need the help, you just don’t have the resources to support it.

What you really need is a skilled, efficient virtual assistant who can hit the ground running and let you get back to your core work.


What is a virtual assistant, anyway?🤔

A virtual assistant is not an employee, or even a temp. A virtual assistant (or VA) like me runs their own independent business providing remote, outsourced support services for many organisations just like yours.

We are ‘freelance assistants’ in a way. We do exactly the tasks you need us to, as and when we are needed, and not costing you a penny when you aren’t using our services.

What can a VA do for you?

A good VA can support your business, giving you time to focus on the tasks that only you can do. You decide which tasks you’d prefer me to handle, and just how much help you need. I can take on the most boring or time consuming tasks, or take on larger projects designed to benefit your business using my own substantial skillset.The real answer is ‘that

The real answer is ‘that depends what your business needs’. Typically, bringing in a VA has the advantages of:

  • Making you more organised
  • Reducing your stress
  • Improving cash flow
  • Improving customer and business communications
  • Lifting some of the paperwork burden
  • Tackling stubborn items on your ‘to do’ list
  • Letting you get back to growing your business

What does ‘virtual’ mean?

A virtual assistant isn’t much different from an office assistant or PA, with the exception that we work remotely – that’s the ‘virtual’ part. We work at our own office, communicating via phone, email, or virtually any other common method, doing tasks as needed for many different businesses. Each one only pays for the time they actually use, so it is really very efficient for everyone involved.

A VA might be asked to do any of the following, and quite a bit more:

  • Start-ups and small businesses often use VAs to fill critical skill gaps or to take on extra administrative duties without the expense of bringing in a full- or part-time regular employee.
  • VAs are often used to develop, oversee or enact email marketing campaigns.
  • We might be tasked with managing your diary – making and cancelling appointments, and even reminding you of important meetings in time to prepare for them properly.
  • A VA might be asked to manage one or more email accounts, sending important messages, making sure all critical messages get through, and relegating less important emails and spam to the appropriate holding areas.
  • We might be asked to take over the business’ social media account maintenance, ensuring that your followers receive the level of engagement and service they demand, and raising overall awareness of your organisation.
  • VAs can also take on bookkeeping, invoicing and chasing payments, keeping the business’ website or social media channels updated, and many other similar tasks.

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