Social Media Assistance

You know you need to engage your customers on their level to reach them, and that means social media – an arena where you might not feel particularly skilled.

But this is yet another huge demand on your time! You have a business to run. You can’t spend days learning how to manage your business’ social media profile, let alone spend time every day generating content!
A VA such as myself can take over your entire social media operations, keeping your customers engaged and keeping you connected to the huge numbers of potential customers who use nothing else these days.

Who has the time!?

Social media management can mean a great many things, but the core of it is setting up, looking after or posting valuable content to your business’ social media accounts.

A good VA can get your company on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and dozens of other channels. The exact choice will vary from business to business, but nearly any organisation will see a substantial benefit from keeping a high profile on social media.

  • Build an online audience of potential customers
  • Create a buzz about new products and offerings
  • Engage with your customers on their preferred channels
  • Keep your SM channels fresh and interesting with regular tweets, posts and comments

…and all without having to spend time on it yourself!

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