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Every business needs to have a website these days. It doesn’t seem to matter whether you are a multimillion pound property management company or the local chippy – your customers expect you to be online, and you are losing business if you are not.

Worse, though, is the effort needed to keep that website doing its job. If you’ve had the same website for years, or if you haven’t uploaded anything new to it for months, it probably isn’t actually pulling its weight.

A good VA can create, maintain and update simple websites. This doesn’t mean custom-coded animations and all the latest bells and whistles, but it will keep you on your customers’ radar.

Allow potential customers to see you online

At the bare minimum, your business needs an attractive, up to date brochure website that customers can reach easily when they want to know more about you. More and more customers research a business online before visiting for the first time, even going so far as to look up your site on their mobile whilst looking through your shop windows.

If you make it easy for them to find it – referencing the website on your flyers, ads and business cards – you will reach more potential customers, and more of them will learn about what you have to offer.

In addition to getting you online I can run various related services, including:

  • Produce and run email marketing campaigns and mailshots
  • Send out e-newsletters
  • Keep up with your organisation’s blog
  • Make sure your site’s content is always up-to-date and relevant

Here’s a sample from our website portfolio

We’ve designed and built a wide variety of websites for small businesses, we’re happy to work with any business sector and can create you a bespoke website to show off your business and brand.

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Website Packages

These days it’s very unusual to find a business with no website, after all this is your online brochure and shows potential customers what your business is about and how you can serve them.

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