Hey there!

I’m Ally

It’s lovely that you’d like to find out more about me  😍

Most days you can find me in my home office, which is in the basement section of our house, don’t worry I’m not in darkness all day, it’s a proper office with windows, doors and even a kitchen.

I’m mostly known for being an awesome business sidekick as a Virtual Assistant providing a range of services and also teaching people Canva skills and sharing these skills with others.

My full name is actually Alexandra, so I’ve gone by either Ally or Alex all my life.

The things I’m passionate about in life are: my family (we’re weird and REALLY like each other!), nature and wildlife, I’m happiest by the sea 🌊.

I work with passionate entrepreneurs who have big dreams for their businesses but struggle with doing ALL THE THINGS.  I love giving them back time and headspace by reliably taking tasks off their evergrowing to-do list.

I teach people who struggle to create designs and yearn to know how to use Canva the free design tool.  I love to give them the tools to confidently create stunning branded designs to use in their marketing.

As a Canva Guru I have done live masterclasses in entreprenuerial groups such as Kate Toon’s Digital Masterchefs, Kate Toon Copywriters, MP Kickass Collective and the Inspring Womens Society with Laila Edy.

When I’m not busy working with my lovely clients, you’ll find me drifting along in the sun on the South West coast of England on my paddleboard (only if it’s warm and sunny) or walking my dog Cooper.

If you’d still like to know more about me here are 5 things that you probably don’t know about me:


  • I drink tea by the bucket load – nope no fancy green or herbal tea but proper ‘builders tea’ as it’s known here in the UK.
  • I have a full motorcycle licence and have ridden big sports bikes
  • When I was younger I had pets such as snakes, toads, rats and even pet snails at one point
  • Business is fairly serious… but I’m not, I send gifs, emojis and kisses!

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