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Like so many back-office activities, typing, filing and other traditionally ‘secretarial’ tasks distract you from the core demands of your business.

Worse, formal letter writing is still a bit of an art. Many companies will expect formal, written communications, and will form a first impression of your organisation based on the quality of your writing.

Once again, a good VA can take these tasks off your already crowded plate, and present you with the information and documents you need in an organised, easy to use manner …all without the expense or complications of bringing in another regular employee.

Back Office Support

More businesses and other organisations complain about the burden of attending to secretarial duties than any other. They don’t require your core skill-set, they don’t really ‘advance’ your business, yet if they aren’t tended to (and tended to competently) your whole organisation can grind to a halt.

A good VA can provide any number of back office support services to businesses of all types and sizes. We can even attend to both your work and personal obligations, and keep one unified appointment calendar so you never double book work and personal events. For example, I might take on your typing, letter writing, and appointment-setting tasks and let you get on with growing your business.

Secretarial tasks might include:

  • Producing professional quality letters and correspondence
  • Keeping meeting minutes and notes
  • Producing any number of business documents, including up-to-date training manuals, procedural documentation, even just fully updated contact lists
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Making (and making you aware of) appointments
  • …And quite a bit more.

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Ally is a UK based Virtual Assistant working for businesses both in the UK and abroad.

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