Keeping accurate, reliable accounts is very different from building and running a business.

Many successful sole traders and small businesses find themselves held back by the burden of detailed bookkeeping.

Worse, making a mistake in your bookkeeping or accounting can have dire financial repercussions, and even get your business or accounts shut down whilst it gets sorted out.

Bring in a skilled bookkeeper as and when you need them by forming an arrangement
with a VA who has the necessary skills.

What is bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is just what it sounds like: keeping your books and financial records in order. Many smaller businesses find that they don’t have quite the man (or woman) power to attend to their core business and look after their books properly at the same time.

However, they may not have the space or the budget to hire even a one-person accounting department.

I can look after that for you for a fraction of the cost (and none of the space) of an in-house bookkeeper, using exactly the same accounting and bookkeeping software packages, including Xero, Sage and Quickbooks.

How would having a VA handle my bookkeeping help?

Whether you are a sole trader, a start-up with big plans or a more traditional SME, you probably don’t have the resources – or the need – for a dedicated beekeeper.

A VA like myself can provide you with accurate, reliable and fully compliant bookkeeping services tailored to your exact business needs, as well as help you build an accurate picture of your present financial position which you can use to run your business more effectively.

Then, when it comes time to give your accountant your books at the end of the year, it will be an easy to use, reliable account rather than a pile of receipts and notes.

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